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"Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!"

Updated: Feb 28, 2018

The Get Down(town) at Hemming Park was an absolute success! A variety of jumpers came downtown to double-dutch with us. We saw new jumpers, skilled jumpers and some who hadn’t jumped in years, and we had planned activities that suited everyone.

The teamwork displayed by our Jump4Jax volunteers made Saturday a success. They taught our first time jumpers how to find their rhythm in the ropes, all while engaging the audience and maintaining positive attitudes.

I recently had the honor of speaking with the legendary Stan Brown, coach of the championship winning “Pepper Steppers”. In our conversation, we spoke about how double-dutch builds team spirit and how the jumpers and turners have to be in sync in order to be successful.

This wisdom couldn’t be more true for my team at the Get Down(town) on Saturday; as Christine Dunning always says, “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”!

Thank you Jump4Jax for helping to build a stronger, healthier, and interconnected community through your dedication and teamwork! And to all our Jumpers, we hope to see you at our next double-dutch class on 03/03 at the Winston Family YMCA 3:00-5:00 PM

Photography by Anderson Brown of We Stay Busy Media and Photography

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