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Open Ropes: NYC Edition

New York City is famously known as "America's Melting Pot" but many people forget that NY is also popularly known for bringing the game of double-dutch to life. Jump4Jax took to the streets in Union Square Park this past weekend to experience the art form of double-dutch from the originating city.

It wasn't long after our ropes started turning did we have participants eager to join us. We had a variety of jumpers; skilled and first timers, each differentiating in style, bringing a unique flair to the ropes.


As a New York native, I grew up playing double-dutch from sun up to sun down. My friends and I were self-taught double-dutch enthusiasts equipped with all the street moves and championship-like-caliber, so it was my esteemed pleasure to come back to my roots this weekend to enjoy another open ropes session in the city that made me who I am today.

A BIG thank you to all of my friends/family from high school and middle school who came out to support and keep the ropes turning! You all are truly amazing and I couldn't ask for better friends.

Thank you to all the jumpers who put their fears aside and hit the ropes with us for the first time and all the skilled jumpers who kicked the dust off their shoes for nostalgia's sake. Until next time NYC! #jump4jax

Photos by Ayodele Ogundipe

Video by Nyomi Jackson


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