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Jump Right In!

The students at Arlington Elementary School rocked the house with their enthusiasm at our double-dutch workshop. They sang and stepped as they cheered their fellow classmates on in the ropes. There was so much positive energy in the room, you couldn't help but join in.

When we host workshops for first time jumpers some participants jump right in and others hesitate, taking a little longer to get comfortable with the fast moving ropes rotating in opposite directions. I always remind students, kids and even adults; Get out of your head and "Jump Right In" It's a powerful statement and can be applied in any aspect in life. As humans, we are plagued by different choices and decisions and sometimes we don't know which choice is correct, but if you put your hesitations to rest and "Jump Right In", you usually land on your feet.

Whenever you put fear aside and try something new, you step outside of your comfort zone into new territory. Territory that will change you, propel you and grow you into something more. That is why it is so important to put fear aside and "Jump Right In" Try something new, explore, speak up in your next meeting, dye your hair, or even take a new route home. You'll be surprised how quickly your life can change when you "Jump Right In"

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