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An Impulsive or Disciplined leader?

Being impulsive means doing things or acting upon things without careful thought, i.e., acting on impulse. Although, impulsive leaders may act on instinct and not thought, they still can be a great leader because they are willing to listen and take advice from anyone willing to help. I feel this way because I have experienced it on many occasions.

As a teammate on a sports team or even a Double Dutch team, it is important to be heard, especially if you have any ideas or comments that can be helpful in the future. Upon finishing my first year of college, I joined and I am still apart of a step team by the name of LYFE Step. Overtime, I have become impulsive as I try to guide and teach my teammates. This may mean that Iisten and am thought to be the “nicer” one, but at the same time, I also know that sacrifices may need to be made.

As a leader, you shouldn’t want anyone to walk all over you. You want to be able to take initiative, which means taking the lead while also being nice and understanding. Acting on impulse, may be what is expected from impulsive leaders, but that is not always the case. Sometimes they may think:

“Okay, what is better for the routine?”

“What should we change to make it better?”

Not only are they thinking these questions, they are asking them others, who are entitled to their own opinion and would like to share it. Someone who is too controlling might not care about the thoughts of others. More than likely, they do what they please as opposed to hearing everyone and taking their opinions seriously. Not everyone can be an impulsive leader. Some might just be a disciplined leader but figuring out which one fits you best requires you to also be self aware enough to know yourself.

We all want a leader who will take control but we all need a leader who will also listen.

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